Ready to rebound from 2020???

Hi! I'm Natalie Mallia

holistic nutritionist and healthy lifestyle guide here to help you make 2021 the best year yet!

I have created a 90-day program that is completely customizable for your individual needs. No two people are the same so why have a one-size-fits-all program?

This program is for your if:

  • you are tired all the time but you feel like you're getting enough sleep
  • you want to lose weight and have tried all the diets and nothing has worked
  • you struggle with brain fog and focus and often forget things
  • you feel like you are stressed all the time

After the 90 days you will feel:

  • energized
  • lighter on your feet
  • mentally clear
  • prepared to take charge of your health and lifestyle and continue what we started!!!

The Whole You program features 3 phases:

Reset: our focus during these first 30 days is to wipe the slate clean. We combine clean eating with mindfulness and incorporate daily healthy habits.

Reboot: our focus during the second 30 days is to nourish the body by filling any nutritional gaps. We begin a supplement program during this phase.

Restore: our focus during the final 30 days is to get you ready for maintenance and for life! How will YOUR new lifestyle look after this program ends?

Ready? Set? Let's go! Hit the sign-up button below, and let's get you feeling your best in 2021!

Investment is $297* 

*(supplement program extra)

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The Whole You Program

90-Day Nutrition and Lifestyle Program

297.00 CAD

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Have a great day!

1. You get 1-on-1 support. Have a question? Just ask! We walk the path to wellness together.

2. You get direction. We clear the overwhelm together. We focus on your goals, your lifestyle, and your eating habits. We will design a custom plan that you can maintain.

3. With the Whole You program, you get accountability when you need it most. I am here to support you all the way!